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Our company was founded on the simple concept of improving peoples lives through the education of health improvement strategies. In a time when Scotland’s population is becoming more proactive in regard to its health, we want to ensure that the information received is factual, evidence-based, positive, easy-to-follow and fun! We have a wealth of experience in both the Health & Wellbeing and Education sectors which we feel gives us a current and deep knowledge base in the field of health promotions as well as an ability to engage our audiences in such a way that inspires positive changes.

Company Founders:

Mr. Tosh Cameron BSc., BA., TQFE., Dip. PT

Tosh is a Lecturer in Fitness, Health & Exercise. He has over 2 decades of experience in both the public and private education sectors. As a “Master Trainer”, he has travelled all over the UK & Europe presenting at fitness education seminars and certificating fitness professionals/Personal Trainers. He has worked with a number of leading industry organisations including Nike & Multitrax Pro.

Mr. Philip J. Paul BSc (hons)., DipOA., DipHPS., TQFE

Phil is a healthcare practice owner and manual therapy specialist with over a decade of experience working in MSK rehabilitation within professional sport and in private practice. An experienced Health Sciences Lecturer, Phil specialises in human anatomy, physiology and pathology.